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Head of Commercial

Ready to have a major impact on the worldwide financial industry – and have fun while doing so? Step into the world of Euroclear!
Euroclear Sweden plays a central role in the Swedish financial market. As the central securities depository of Sweden, we are the organisation that holds the register for almost all equities and debt instruments. As well as keeping the book-entry register, we settle transactions in Swedish equities and debt instruments, and provide comprehensive asset servicing and issuer services. We also offer a wide range of general meeting services.
In 2008 we became part of Euroclear group, the world’s largest provider of domestic and cross-border settlement and related services for bond, equity, funds and derivative transactions. Euroclear group is user-owned and user-governed and settles more than 180 million transactions a year in over 30 currencies with clients in more than 90 countries. To read more, please visit


Du ansvarar för enheten Commercial och rapporterar till VD för Sverige. Rollen innebär personalansvar för ca sex personer i gruppen och ingår i VD:s ledningsgrupp. Tjänsten innebär ett ansvar för den svenska marknaden.

Vidare innebär befattningen att du agerar Senior Client Relationship Manager och har ett kundansvar för Euroclears största institutionella kunder. Kundansvaret är på en strategisk nivå och kontaktperson hos kund är exempelvis divisionschef, strax under den högsta exekutiva ledningen. I rollen ansvarar man även för det strategiska arbetet avseende emittenter, såsom övriga banker och börslistade stora bolag.

I gruppen ingår Relationship Managers och personer som arbetar med anslutningsärenden och operativa frågor och drift. Kunderna är banker, fondkommissionärer, CCPer och investmentbanker. I huvudsak arbetar du med domestika kunder men även några internationella.

En viktig uppgift i tjänsten är att lyfta den strategiska nivån i gruppen vad gäller Euroclears framtida ställning på marknaden. Tjänsten handlar om att behandla frågor som rör framtida tjänsteutbud och infrastruktur, marknadens och kunders utveckling samt hur Euroclear kan supportera och samarbeta med sina kunder på bästa sätt framgent.


Cirka tio års erfarenhet från finansbranschen och erfarenhet av värdepappersverksamhet.

Personliga egenskaper

Leading and Deciding
Makes quick, clear decisions which may include tough choices or calculated risks. Takes responsibility for actions, projects and staff. Takes initiative, act with confidence and work independently. Starts and create activity.

Persuading and influencing
Makes a strong impression on others. Obtain clear agreements and commitments from others by persuasion, convincing and negotiation. Supports own or others ideas. Use effectively political processes to influence and persuade others.

Delivering results and meeting customer expectations
Focus on customer needs and customer satisfaction. Sets high standards for quality and quantity. Monitors and maintains quality and productivity. Working in a systematic, methodical and reliable way. Achieves overall project goals.

Achieving personal goals
Accept and take on difficult goals with enthusiasm. Works hard and extends the workday when necessary. Identify development strategies that are necessary to achieve career goals. Seeking development roles with greater responsibility and influence.

Writing and reporting
Writes clearly and accurately. Writes compelling in an engaging and expressive way. Avoid unnecessary use of jargon and complex language. Writes in a structured and logical way. Structures information to meet the needs and understanding of the intended audience.

Create and innovating
Creates new ideas, perspectives and insights. Creates innovative products or models. Creates a wide range of solutions to problems. Looking for ways to improve the organization. Invent effective change initiatives.

Coping with pressures and setbacks
Working productively in a pressurized environment. Have control over ones emotions in difficult situations. Balancing the requirements of work and private life. Maintains a positive

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