About Qsearch

We are a recruitment company bridging the gap between the world of commerce and the recruitment industry. We have many years of experience behind us, from managerial roles at many levels and from the recruitment industry itself. This places us in a unique position whereby we can contribute an extremely in-depth understanding of the entire demanding recruitment process and a good feel for finding people with true talent. We see businesses, we see requirements, we see objectives – and we see people with knowledge, drive and expertise. And we help them to find one another.


Our concept

We provide an alternative to the ordinary recruitment companies by bringing wider knowledge on operational business to your recruitment drives. If you’ve ever experienced Qsearch, we promise you’ll notice the difference. For us, recruitment is all about looking at your business, not only as it is today, but also taking into account the objectives you have for the future. We’re never happy until we’ve found the very best person to help you reach your company’s targets. The requirements profile we compile relating to the people you need to recruit is actually a pretty important strategic document for the continuing growth of your company.

We look at your unique requirements
No one recruitment drive is ever like any other. All companies and organisations have their own unique requirements. We both know that. Sometimes recruiting new staff can take far too much time and effort away from your core business. And sometimes you might find there’s quite a difference between the staff you thought you were looking for and the staff you eventually end up employing. We know all of this at Qsearch, and you’ll see straight away that this knowledge permeates our entire recruitment process. Our understanding of your business is what sets us apart from run-of-the-mill recruitment companies. Get in touch with us to find out more about the Qsearch view of recruitment.