We help you with your recruitment process from start to finish. From producing a search profile to the time your new staff are sitting at their new desks. Below is a brief description of what the process entails, although of course it does vary to an extent depending on what your requirements are.


What are you looking for in your new staff? What knowledge, qualities, qualifications do you think are desirable? We work in cooperation with you to produce a profile that forms a basis for our search process.


We deal with advertising in appropriate industry media, newspapers or on the Internet.


From the applications received, we then select the candidates that best suit your search profile.

Introductory interview

We meet the candidates selected for an initial interview.


Depending on the nature of the job, candidates will have to complete various types of test - from personality tests to intelligence tests. These tests broaden our view of candidates’ values and the things that motivate them.

In-depth interview

We then hold in-depth interviews to find out all about the candidates’ personalities, qualities and driving forces, and about how these tie in with your needs and wishes.


We then introduce you to the candidates selected and you have the opportunity to ask them your own questions.


We then work together to assess the candidates on the basis of our impressions and select the candidate who meets your requirements.

Reference checking

We check references very thoroughly - a very important part of the overall process.

After a certain time decided in advance, we then follow up with both the company and the new employee to make sure everyone’s happy. We’re sure you agree, this is a rather important part of the process!