Our method

Recruiting staff is hard work. It can often be a costly, time-consuming task. So it’s important to concentrate your energies in the right place. Here at Qsearch, we’ve developed a method whereby we can quickly match, search for and find the candidates we’re looking for with the help of IT support which we’ve developed. Combined with our knowledge of the market and our broad network of contacts, this allows us to focus our energies on the right parts of the process. This guarantees quality and provides you with candidates who you’ll find are well matched to your requirements when it comes to interviewing them.

Objective controls method

Our flexibility and attention to detail are just two of our strengths as a recruitment company. We can rapidly adapt our working methods to your business. This is why we’ve opted not to tie ourselves down to a specific recruitment model, but instead to view each and every recruitment assignment as a unique task. But of course, we’re methodical in our approach and create a structured plan for every job - from requirement profiling right through to you employing the right person.

With commitment

Here at Qsearch, we can help you through all parts of the recruitment process - from wording your ads to selection processes and interviewing. You decide the extent to which you want to be involved in the process, and you can always count on receiving our full attention. Your recruitment is our challenge!